16 Plus Size Womens Clothing – Guidelines for Choosing a Little Black Dress for the Apple Body Shape

The purpose of this article is to assist ladies with an apple plus size body type to make the right style decisions when looking to add that essential, versatile, plus size little black dress to their wardrobe. In our hunt for the right little black dress we are aiming to achieve a look of timeless sophistication and elegance.

Style has a lot to do with balance and how the eye moves around the body. Whilst black is a slimming colour, we should also look to other design features in the dress to give our shape a nice balance.

When judging our own bodies, we all have our ‘positives’ and ‘negatives’ – the bits we like about ourselves and the bits we don’t. It is what we do with these positives and negatives that determines our style. The right choice will make you feel stylish every time you put it on. After that, it’s all about confidence and how you wear that style! Confidence is cool and very attractive.

Apple ladies tend to carry most of their weight above the waist – top-heavy and roundish between the hips and bust. Most apples will identify their roundness as one of their negatives. As such, we will aim to distract attention away from the middle. How? By using tricks to draw attention towards our assets of course!

So what are the parts of your body you would identify as your positives or assets? The assets of the typical apple plus size body type are:

Legs and ankles

From the above information I define our objective as:

To choose a style that creates the illusion of balance in the apple figure by diverting attention away from the mid region, out towards our legs and ankles, decolletage, face and arms.

My advice is to start looking for a plus size little black dress with an A-line style skirt with its hem around the knee. An A-line skirt is essentially triangular in shape. It is narrower at the waist and wider at the hem. No pleats or gathers. The gradual widening of the A-line skirt adds balance and harmony to the roundness of the Apple torso. It doesn’t have to be radically wide, but the width of the skirt at the hem line should be wider than the hold at the waist. The longish, over-the-knee skirt gives an impression of length to your body which encourages eyes downward towards the legs and ankles – where they look, linger and dance with a pair of sexy legs and shoes worn to showcase awesome ankles.

A waistline cinched just under the bust will further disguise the apple shape because this is the thinnest part of the apple. This style is most commonly known as an empire waistline because it is elevated higher than our expected centre. An empire waist again adds to the illusion of length and conceals roundedness.

Decolletage is next. Decolletage is about showing off the skin under our neck and over our breasts. Decolletage is not necessarily about cleavage – if you don’t feel comfortable showing cleavage, then don’t. Scoop, V or princess necklines will showcase your decolletage, add length to your neck and encourage attention upward. Create further eye-catching interest in this region with a brooch, necklace or earrings to fit the occasion. You also have make-up and hair-dos to attract appropriate interest.

If you are happy with your arms then choose a sleeveless dress that shows them off! Sleeveless dresses have much added versatility because they can be worn over other garments such as a blouse or long-sleeve T-shirt. Make it chiffon for a glamorous night out, stretch cotton for a winter’s day visit to the art gallery, or wear your little black dress over a sensible white shirt for work.

The significance of comfort and quality when choosing your plus size little black dress cannot be understated. Neither comfort nor quality should ever be compromised. Your little black dress is a classic wardrobe item chosen to serve you for years – so treat yourself. Take special care with knowing your precise measurements and getting the fit right. It is a very good idea to ask a knowledgeable friend to help with body measurements. Ill-fitting garments are not stylish at all.

Important! Opt for quality materials which will make you feel beautiful every time you put it on – long after you have forgotten how much you paid for it. Visit the local material shop to feel and research available fabrics. A lined dress will always feels classier.

Summing up, apple ladies should be looking for a quality, well fit, sleeveless, plus size little black dress with an A-line skirt, empire waist and a neckline which showcases your decolletage. These features will distract attention away from the roundness of the apple torso. Hunt with a view to the ability to wear your little black dress anywhere. Dress it up or down with layers, shoes, accessories, hair-do’s and make up. If you choose it correctly, it will be like a best friend – loyally supporting you through some of the most memorable occasions of your life.