Dresses For Prom – Deciding What to Wear

Teenage girls are crazy about attending the most awaited prom night ( we all know and we all have been there). It is said to be the main event during one’s high school life. The moments that will always be with us as the chapters of our lives continues. During our high school days, not only girls were excited to attend the prom night but also guys are into it as well. To whom they would prefer of enjoying this night events hence, they take time preparing the best prom dress or tuxedos that others would actually want to be in their shoes.

At this very moment, let yourself be ready for some suggestion and advice to help you decide on how to appear your best during prom night:

Prior to anything else, you can roam around any shopping outlets for prom dresses. Soon deciding what to wear, or what fits you or your style preferences. Some other girls who don’t want to join in with the crowd, feeling too conscious about how they will look that night and how the crowd would act upon it. Though, the feeling would be normal as if this evening is the first night event in their high school days. They all get mixed emotions as the fun and entertainment of the crowd is happening.

Everybody wants to have their uniqueness in style and look, during the most important event of their high school life which is the prom night. They have to decide the best dress to. Although, in our routine, this is not just an ordinary quick decision of choosing what dress to wear. The sense of where the excitement of the teenager lays on the decision as to what is the best look they can have. Choosing the dress for prom that is not only for their contentment but for the rest of the crowd as well. Believing that beauty lies in you and in how you handle it and the feeling of being proud about it. That’s why making decision in choosing the right dress for this event is really important, if you want to end up happy all throughout that special and magical event of your high school days.

Now knowing your style, great to say trouble-free for you to stumble or find the prom dress to wear for the prom night. There are lots of online web boutiques, fashion galleries that help people who don’t have enough time to go and shop for their dresses. Not to mention that discount rates are also provided to online shoppers. Just bear in mind that the important thing is you are in the right zone and you are comfortable with your chosen dress.

The Best Color for Your 2011 Prom Dress

I get asked this all the time: what should I wear to “name of event” (fill in the blanks? Put in anything you want, party, baby shower, wedding, prom. Most women who write to me, sound as if they never expected to get invited to “name of event” in the first place.

To this I say: Be prepared. Not like being prepared as a girl scout. Where the most important bit of advice was knowing when it was your turn to cook and how to keep your bra from getting frozen.

Be prepared as a woman. The full grown (or almost full grown) beautiful woman that you are. In the event you find your self shopping all over town for everyone on your shopping list, keep in mind, that at some near or far point in the future you are going to need a dressy dress, and outfit for a special occasion, perhaps its cocktails? or maybe even a full blown Valentine’s Day Party!

My best piece of advice? Make sure you come home from the mall with a purple dress in one of those bags! Here’s why. Well for one thing, like I said, you want to be prepared and the best way to be prepared for any special occasion is to have the dress already paid for and hanging in your closet.

This will give you the time you need to

have it altered if need be
try it on over and over (its OK to admire yourself in the mirror)
check for loose threads or seams
locate (beg, borrow or purchase) the right accessories
choose the right makeup
try out different hairstyles

But there’s another reason why you need to have a purple dress in that bag! LPD: It goes with everything. Like black, it is one of the most wear-able colors when it comes to accessories. All shades of purple, whether, violet, grape, burgundy or lavender, have a chameleon like personality that change when you change your jewelry or other accessories.

We like to think of a purple dress like the wrapping paper on a gift. From there, you can add almost any kind of embellishment, gold, silver, platinum tones look equally lovely, while additions of pinks, greens, blues, and yellows take on their own shine when lain across a background of fabric that is dyed with a red/blue combination. This makes it easy to create a new ‘look’ each time you wear the dress.

For this reason we can consider our little purple dress a perfect ‘go to’ item for a New Year’s party, or a gallery opening, or cocktail party, even a summer wedding. Can you spell ‘versatility?

But there is an even more important and not well publicized reason to choose a little purple dress over the more popular LBD. When color experts compare the two colors on a group of women they found some interesting results. Black made light skinned or light haired women look washed out, while even the darkest shade of purple made the same women’s hair glow and it made her skin look smoother, less blotchy.

Women with dark or medium skin and hair also benefited from wearing a shade of purple over black. For instance, we saw that the dark haired woman who wore purple had much more warmth to her skintone and shine to her hair, when compared to the woman in black.

We just had to ask why this was. The color black, the experts say, by its very nature, makes anything near it look whiter than it actually is. For some women, a whitish skin tone is desired, (and we respect that!) but most women tell us they actually want a warmer, creamier tone to their complexion. Well, it just so happens, that the opposite of purple is yellow. So, when you wear purple, of course its going to bring out gold tones in your hair. And as a bonus it literally makes your skin look amazingly smooth and creamy by canceling out purplish blotches in your skin tone. We just had to ask ourselves…why on earth would we choose a color that makes us look pale and lifeless, when we could be looking glowingly amazing?

Plus Size Dresses Delight

Rubens was a Flemish Seventeenth Century painter of some renown, and one thing for which he became particularly famous was his painting of voluptuous women. It was thought that his inspiration was his second wife, Helene, whom he married when he was fifty three and she a mere sixteen.

The term Rubenesque was coined to describe such women. Plus size dresses were available even in those days.

A father of eight children, three with his first wife and five with Helene during the ten years before his death in 1640, Peter Paul Rubens was born in Westphalia and given a catholic education in Antwerp where his mother moved after his father’s death.

His father had been a Calvinist, but these were troubled times in religion and his parents had fled from their home during the persecution of Protestants by the Spanish rulers of the Netherlands. They found a safe haven in Cologne where they remained until after Peter Paul’s birth in 1577.

He had a good education, including studying art, and moved to Italy in his early twenties to continue his interest in art. He began in Venice but travelled on to Florence and then Rome, being influenced in his style by seeing some of the great paintings of Titian, Michelangelo and Leonardo da Vinci. These were fertile times for a budding artist.

His love of Italy remained with him for all his life and even signed his letter Pietro Paolo when writing from Italy.
He was not just a man of canvas, and undertook many commissions for altar work from churches, often painting on slate and even metal.

Travelling widely, he went to Spain both to paint and on a diplomatic mission, a combination that remained with him throughout his life, and finally led to his being knighted both by Spain and England and being given an honorary degree by Cambridge University.

News of his mother’s illness in 1608 reached him so he prepared to return to Antwerp with a view to making his base there. He was not in time to see his mother before her death but he remained in Antwerp, making that his home and he married for the first time in 1609.

He put his artistic skills to many topics and took many specific commissions throughout his career. He was keen on portraying religious and historical scenes particularly but he painted portraits when commissioned, and even self portraits.

Terrific Accessories For Prom Dresses 2011 – Concepts

Here are a few suggestions for stunning accents for prom night.


Pick a handbag which either meshes with or matches the color of your prom outfit. A simple satin purse works well and enables you to put your own adornments, like a flower or some beaded stars. Additionally, make sure that your handbag is big enough to carry your lipstick, cellphone and car keys, but remains small enough to never be a drag on your night.

Vintage Jewelry

Rather than obtaining prom jewelry at your neighborhood variety store, why not consider a visit to your nearby vintage clothing outlets in search of some sort of special, one-of-a-kind pieces? Whether you prefer simple antiques like silver as well as pearls or more intricate gemstone jewelry, a vintage clothing shop will most likely have a few well-made jewelry with a lot of antique charm. In case you are wearing a simple gown and would like a unique item which will truly sticks out, why don’t you buy your jewelry at a local artist studio or gallery? This really is one way to prevent cookie cutter jewelry and obtain a few pieces that you could relish for many years in the future. Keep in mind not to be very picky with your jewelry. If you are donning a outfit with lots of detailing, you want to keep jewelry simple.


Opt for footwear that will compliment your outfit but nevertheless be comfortable to wear. You are going to have a difficult time dancing the night away in tight-fitting spike heels! Get your prom footwear well in advance so you can break them in a bit before you wear them on prom night. Keep in mind you are going to be on your feet all evening and you wouldn’t like sores the following day. In case you are putting on a simple apparel, you could actually play up your feet by selecting footwear with beaded accessories or other detailing. In case you are going to be putting on open toe footwear, be sure to get a pedicure and select an appropriate color nail polish that will flatter your outfit.

Hair Add-ons

Put on add-ons which match both your outfit and jewelry. Depending on the way you prefer to wear your tresses, these accents can consist of hair locks, feathers, jewels or extensions. For natural-looking hair plug-ins, match your natural hair color.


Finish off your outfit with a set of gloves. These add glamour to any dress. Above-the-elbow gloves are more stunning and stylish, while below-the-elbow gloves add a much more casual appeal to your prom outfit. Gloves can either complement your outfit or can be a contrasting color for a more fun appearance.

5 Tips For Buying Bridal Gown Dresses

As soon as a couple becomes engaged most brides-to-be start thinking about bridal gown dresses. The search for just the right gown can be a stressful event but it doesn’t have to be.

Buying a wedding dress can be a pleasant occasion with some advanced planning and research. If the dress will be custom made you should start about six or seven months in advance. If you’ll be shopping for a gown allow enough time for alterations to be made at least two times before the wedding date. Now let’s get started.

1. Research

First you have to have an idea of what you want. Unless you already know you will need to research online, in bridal magazines or by shopping locally. It’s so easy to shop online there is no need to drive all over town during your research phase. Often local retailers have web sites where you can look at a photo gallery online before visiting the store.

2. Time to Go Shopping

Take your Mom, future mother-in-law or a friend for a second opinion. Shop at a bridal gown boutique you can trust. Take shoes you plan to wear or at least one with the same height heel you plan to wear at the wedding.

3. Try on Plenty of Bridal Gown Dresses

Bridal stores generally have a good selection so try on as many as you can. You should start to get an idea of what types of gowns you like or dislike. Even if you plan to have one made at least trying some on will help you get an idea of what you want. If you need a dressmaker ask friends and family for a recommendation.

4. After you Choose Your Dress

Discuss the time schedule for alterations and cost whether you’re purchasing from a retail store or from someone who will be making your gown for you.

5. Be Prepared to Pay a Deposit

Many stores require you to pay about half the cost of the dress as a deposit. Dressmakers may have similar fee schedules. In either case ask about terms before making a deposit. Most of the time deposits are not refundable.

Where to Find the Best Wedding Dress Shop

Have you ever wondered where you can find the best wedding dress shop in your city? Do you know at least some of the main criteria to look for when choosing a reliable provider of dresses in your area? If you are a resident of Birmingham, Britain’s second largest city, then you have to know that there are a multitude of choices in the 231.2 square miles of its urban area. And one of these choices can very well become the wedding dress shop where you buy your perfect gown. In case you did not know, Birmingham is not only nicknamed Brum or Brummagem, but also the City of a thousand trades, which is a fast indicator of how skilled and passionate the craftsmen here are. Regardless if you want to find a stunning dress or any other form of bridal wear in Birmingham, here are some of the major things that you need to know. The city is located in the borough of West Midlands and is extremely large, so searching by foot or on your own is not a good idea. Furthermore, Birmingham has a population of over 1,000,000 persons making it a vast metropolis and ensuring that asking around or expecting that the locals give you their recommendations is not a wise choice either, taking into account the large number of opinions you can receive. Leaving jokes aside, there is no better way to discover the best shop for your wedding purchases than by looking for its official platform found online. How does that work? And isn’t finding the address or phone number for reservations enough? The answer is no, because the website provides much more pertinent detail as you are about to discover by reading this article.

Probably the best place to find and choose a great shop or boutique for wedding garments is the online environment and here is the main reason why. The official websites of firms in the field are proficient at offering a clear depiction of the items they have on stock. They give you extensive galleries of images so that you can pick your favorites even before you leave the house. For instance, why travel all the way to Harborne or any area of the city, when you can simply go online, find a great shop and choose one of the garments there before heading to the physical location? If you are living in the heart of the West Midlands, then you must know that the metropolitan area of Birmingham has become the second most crowded region in the UK with 3,701,107 residents, so try to avoid going amid all these persons and take the faster and easier way of searching for your shop on the Internet. Once you have found it and picked out your desired attire, you can go directly to their location and know precisely what to try out. Doesn’t that sound like a time efficient and stress free solution?

Dragon Drawings-Tattoo Galleries-Fairy Tattoos- I Want To Go to a Party

I feel jealous of the dragon
I hold my dragon drawings
I want to breathe his power
I want to yell sometimes
I think maybe I will take me out of this box
build me back
start to find that spark.

I want to go to parties
dress up like a jester
wear a mask of feathers
butterfly tattoos
tribal tattoos
let the fire flow
let my dance fight for me.

I am tired
of being tired
I am slow to see it
too late
too bad
and the tinges of sadness
golden cages I cannot open
never or ever.

I wish I was a dragon
I wish I was that strong
I wish that I could yell my stories
make them real
fold up all the trees
as beautiful as they are
they block my view
I want to see a bigger story.

I want to go to parties
scream out songs
wear nothing at all
maybe just a ruby on my cheek.
I want to go to a tattoo gallery
count their fairy tattoos
on other people, maybe me
I want to fly free
and not care about anything at all.
I want to drink till I cannot stand
cut the ribbon in the hallway.

I keep secrets
so do you so do not act so proud
who do you think you are?

I think the train is coming
I hear it rushing toward me.
I will stand in front of it
till that last moment
then calmly step away
just like before.
I do not need your directions.

I missed out
it comes down to that
I want to go to parties.
I want a tattoo
maybe a fairy
maybe a star
maybe a tribal tattoo
I want to go to a tattoo gallery.

Of course there are good days
filled with natures gifts.
I did not and do not miss that.
Quit telling me.
I am tired of hearing explanations
I am tired of know it all people
I am tired of me being one
I want to go to a party.
I want to be wild.

I feel jealous of the dragon
and so do you.
I do not care that you won’t admit it.
I don’t believe you.

Just down the hallway
there you are
just as I thought
counting the days
and all your pennies.

Get Stylish With Elvis Jesus Individual Dressing Styles!

The people who trust designer brands know that they will get value for their money. This is the prime reason why anyone chooses designer brands. The value that people attach to the various brands depends upon the classy couture styles, fabric and many other factors. The dress designers these days are on their toes to design celebrity style dresses and various emerging brands are indicative of this welcome change. Further internet has paved way for hassle-free online transactions for people with keen sense of fashion and numerous brands are therefore available under one site for them!

Among many brands of designer dresses, Elvis is one of the popular brands for both men and women. Basically women and men with taste for unique and special designs are interested in. Fewer other brands have great collections as Elvis Jesus when it comes to both gender dresses.

Here are some of the unique features of Elvis Jesus dresses available online:

(1) Individual styles: the Elvis Jesus designs and patterns are hard to find with other brands. Virtually you can say that there is no overlapping of ideas and no repeated prints.
(2) Within short period of time. Elvis Jesus has reached great heights in the business and today is soaring in sky.
(3) Hand embellishment, heavy metal work, leather patchwork, silk linings, etc are some of the specialties of Elvis Jesus collections.
(4) Lovers of British heritage can take pride in wearing unique prints that depict heritage in stylish manner and party fans can go for rock and roll!
(5) Women usually prefer Elvis Jesus couture for their heavy diamante and quality fabric. Many individual styles are available in women’s wear too.
(6) Also iconic images are popular with the young population. They feel the coolness about their personalities if they wear some unique and classy collections fro Elvis Jesus like “Lights Out T-shirt white” or “Hail-Out T shirt white”!
(7) For little sober looks, you can go for the patterns like Binar Long-Sleeve T-shirt white or Elvis Jesus Chasseur T-shirt yellow!

Well, everyone is unique and so must be his or her dressing style. Why to imitate celebrities merely for what they wear? Let’s create our own designer collection to fill our wardrobes with awesomely designed and splendid patterns! Online galleries today have many other brands like Fila Vintage, Ed Hardy, Cipo and Baxx, Energie, and Christian Audigier! You are just a mouse-click away from buying some of the most versatile and dazzling dress collection ever. Go online, select after carefully finalizing your choices and order in bulk to get massive discounts!

How to Buy a Cocktail Dress Online That Puts on the Ritz

If you would have told me ten years ago that upscale cocktail clothing could be found on the Internet, I wouldn’t have believed it. It used to be that women had to travel to Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills or 5th Avenue in New York City to find ritzy apparel. Today, how to buy a cocktail dress online that puts on the ritz is trouble-free.

The quality of available items online has risen dramatically in recent years. Designers, manufacturers, and store owners are meeting the demand of women on-the-go. The modern woman wants to be able to find and buy the best of the best with the click of a button.

And this includes cocktail dresses. They used to be a niche item. Once, they were only available in department stores and high-class boutiques. Now they are accessible to everyone.

To find this apparel, first familiarize yourself with the designers who are available online. You only need to know one or two big names; those will lead you to sites with other big names.

Tony Bowls has become successful at providing a full collection of ritzy, glitzy gowns on the web so they are a good place to start. If you can find a web merchant that carries this line, you will discover other collections of the same caliber.

The second step is to research and identify these merchants. Once you have pulled up a selection of sites, bookmark them. Now, browse through each just as you would if you were trying on dresses in LA or Manhattan. Navigate the web pages and follow prompts to click for details and closer views of photos.

Merchants that carry lines like Tony Bowls will have the art of how to buy a cocktail dress online down pat. There will be clear descriptions of each product. And step-by-step tools for sizing, ordering, payment and shipping.

If you’re still not convinced that the Internet has luxe and ritzy apparel available, look for these designs:

• Tony Bowls style #210C62 runs about $2390. That’s not something you’d expect to find on a website, but you can. And it is ever-so-ritzy. It’s a floor length robin’s egg blue chiffon gown.

The focus is on a chandelier pattern of rhinestone tendrils. The tendrils explode from the right hip and tangle their way round the left hip. Then they drizzle their way down the thighs and bum. Finally, they wind their way up and around the bosom, draping across and encapsulating the left shoulder.

• Tony Bowls style #110C23 runs about $2500. Again, something you’d expect to find in a pricey couture gallery, not online. But it is and it is super stunning. It’s a floor length, Grecian, beaded design accented with crystals.

The focus is on the intricate beading. From hip to floor, the material is embroidered with glistening lushness. A one-shoulder strap and waist capelet add additional dramatic effect.

16 Plus Size Womens Clothing – Guidelines for Choosing a Little Black Dress for the Apple Body Shape

The purpose of this article is to assist ladies with an apple plus size body type to make the right style decisions when looking to add that essential, versatile, plus size little black dress to their wardrobe. In our hunt for the right little black dress we are aiming to achieve a look of timeless sophistication and elegance.

Style has a lot to do with balance and how the eye moves around the body. Whilst black is a slimming colour, we should also look to other design features in the dress to give our shape a nice balance.

When judging our own bodies, we all have our ‘positives’ and ‘negatives’ – the bits we like about ourselves and the bits we don’t. It is what we do with these positives and negatives that determines our style. The right choice will make you feel stylish every time you put it on. After that, it’s all about confidence and how you wear that style! Confidence is cool and very attractive.

Apple ladies tend to carry most of their weight above the waist – top-heavy and roundish between the hips and bust. Most apples will identify their roundness as one of their negatives. As such, we will aim to distract attention away from the middle. How? By using tricks to draw attention towards our assets of course!

So what are the parts of your body you would identify as your positives or assets? The assets of the typical apple plus size body type are:

Legs and ankles

From the above information I define our objective as:

To choose a style that creates the illusion of balance in the apple figure by diverting attention away from the mid region, out towards our legs and ankles, decolletage, face and arms.

My advice is to start looking for a plus size little black dress with an A-line style skirt with its hem around the knee. An A-line skirt is essentially triangular in shape. It is narrower at the waist and wider at the hem. No pleats or gathers. The gradual widening of the A-line skirt adds balance and harmony to the roundness of the Apple torso. It doesn’t have to be radically wide, but the width of the skirt at the hem line should be wider than the hold at the waist. The longish, over-the-knee skirt gives an impression of length to your body which encourages eyes downward towards the legs and ankles – where they look, linger and dance with a pair of sexy legs and shoes worn to showcase awesome ankles.

A waistline cinched just under the bust will further disguise the apple shape because this is the thinnest part of the apple. This style is most commonly known as an empire waistline because it is elevated higher than our expected centre. An empire waist again adds to the illusion of length and conceals roundedness.

Decolletage is next. Decolletage is about showing off the skin under our neck and over our breasts. Decolletage is not necessarily about cleavage – if you don’t feel comfortable showing cleavage, then don’t. Scoop, V or princess necklines will showcase your decolletage, add length to your neck and encourage attention upward. Create further eye-catching interest in this region with a brooch, necklace or earrings to fit the occasion. You also have make-up and hair-dos to attract appropriate interest.

If you are happy with your arms then choose a sleeveless dress that shows them off! Sleeveless dresses have much added versatility because they can be worn over other garments such as a blouse or long-sleeve T-shirt. Make it chiffon for a glamorous night out, stretch cotton for a winter’s day visit to the art gallery, or wear your little black dress over a sensible white shirt for work.

The significance of comfort and quality when choosing your plus size little black dress cannot be understated. Neither comfort nor quality should ever be compromised. Your little black dress is a classic wardrobe item chosen to serve you for years – so treat yourself. Take special care with knowing your precise measurements and getting the fit right. It is a very good idea to ask a knowledgeable friend to help with body measurements. Ill-fitting garments are not stylish at all.

Important! Opt for quality materials which will make you feel beautiful every time you put it on – long after you have forgotten how much you paid for it. Visit the local material shop to feel and research available fabrics. A lined dress will always feels classier.

Summing up, apple ladies should be looking for a quality, well fit, sleeveless, plus size little black dress with an A-line skirt, empire waist and a neckline which showcases your decolletage. These features will distract attention away from the roundness of the apple torso. Hunt with a view to the ability to wear your little black dress anywhere. Dress it up or down with layers, shoes, accessories, hair-do’s and make up. If you choose it correctly, it will be like a best friend – loyally supporting you through some of the most memorable occasions of your life.