Dragon Drawings-Tattoo Galleries-Fairy Tattoos- I Want To Go to a Party

I feel jealous of the dragon
I hold my dragon drawings
I want to breathe his power
I want to yell sometimes
I think maybe I will take me out of this box
build me back
start to find that spark.

I want to go to parties
dress up like a jester
wear a mask of feathers
butterfly tattoos
tribal tattoos
let the fire flow
let my dance fight for me.

I am tired
of being tired
I am slow to see it
too late
too bad
and the tinges of sadness
golden cages I cannot open
never or ever.

I wish I was a dragon
I wish I was that strong
I wish that I could yell my stories
make them real
fold up all the trees
as beautiful as they are
they block my view
I want to see a bigger story.

I want to go to parties
scream out songs
wear nothing at all
maybe just a ruby on my cheek.
I want to go to a tattoo gallery
count their fairy tattoos
on other people, maybe me
I want to fly free
and not care about anything at all.
I want to drink till I cannot stand
cut the ribbon in the hallway.

I keep secrets
so do you so do not act so proud
who do you think you are?

I think the train is coming
I hear it rushing toward me.
I will stand in front of it
till that last moment
then calmly step away
just like before.
I do not need your directions.

I missed out
it comes down to that
I want to go to parties.
I want a tattoo
maybe a fairy
maybe a star
maybe a tribal tattoo
I want to go to a tattoo gallery.

Of course there are good days
filled with natures gifts.
I did not and do not miss that.
Quit telling me.
I am tired of hearing explanations
I am tired of know it all people
I am tired of me being one
I want to go to a party.
I want to be wild.

I feel jealous of the dragon
and so do you.
I do not care that you won’t admit it.
I don’t believe you.

Just down the hallway
there you are
just as I thought
counting the days
and all your pennies.