How to Buy a Cocktail Dress Online That Puts on the Ritz

If you would have told me ten years ago that upscale cocktail clothing could be found on the Internet, I wouldn’t have believed it. It used to be that women had to travel to Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills or 5th Avenue in New York City to find ritzy apparel. Today, how to buy a cocktail dress online that puts on the ritz is trouble-free.

The quality of available items online has risen dramatically in recent years. Designers, manufacturers, and store owners are meeting the demand of women on-the-go. The modern woman wants to be able to find and buy the best of the best with the click of a button.

And this includes cocktail dresses. They used to be a niche item. Once, they were only available in department stores and high-class boutiques. Now they are accessible to everyone.

To find this apparel, first familiarize yourself with the designers who are available online. You only need to know one or two big names; those will lead you to sites with other big names.

Tony Bowls has become successful at providing a full collection of ritzy, glitzy gowns on the web so they are a good place to start. If you can find a web merchant that carries this line, you will discover other collections of the same caliber.

The second step is to research and identify these merchants. Once you have pulled up a selection of sites, bookmark them. Now, browse through each just as you would if you were trying on dresses in LA or Manhattan. Navigate the web pages and follow prompts to click for details and closer views of photos.

Merchants that carry lines like Tony Bowls will have the art of how to buy a cocktail dress online down pat. There will be clear descriptions of each product. And step-by-step tools for sizing, ordering, payment and shipping.

If you’re still not convinced that the Internet has luxe and ritzy apparel available, look for these designs:

• Tony Bowls style #210C62 runs about $2390. That’s not something you’d expect to find on a website, but you can. And it is ever-so-ritzy. It’s a floor length robin’s egg blue chiffon gown.

The focus is on a chandelier pattern of rhinestone tendrils. The tendrils explode from the right hip and tangle their way round the left hip. Then they drizzle their way down the thighs and bum. Finally, they wind their way up and around the bosom, draping across and encapsulating the left shoulder.

• Tony Bowls style #110C23 runs about $2500. Again, something you’d expect to find in a pricey couture gallery, not online. But it is and it is super stunning. It’s a floor length, Grecian, beaded design accented with crystals.

The focus is on the intricate beading. From hip to floor, the material is embroidered with glistening lushness. A one-shoulder strap and waist capelet add additional dramatic effect.