Is a Short Wedding Dress Right For You?

One of the biggest trends in wedding gowns for spring is the short dress. Even the most traditional bridal designers sent a few gowns down the runway with hemlines hovering around the knees instead of the floor. How do you decide if a short wedding gown is right for you?

The shorter wedding gowns run the gamut in style. Some are lacy ’50s party dresses with full skirts. Others are slinky and sexy slip dresses. And then there are the modern or more haute couture style gowns that have very distinctive details, like oversized bows or bubble hems.

The idea of a short wedding gown has an undeniable appeal: it is easy to move in. You don’t have to worry about tripping over it as you walk down the aisle, you can dance the night away, and you can even go to the bathroom without a bevy of bridesmaids to hold up your dress. Brides who are not getting married in a formal church might also prefer the ease of a short gown on the beach or in city hall.

For brides who love the retro look, the ’50s inspired dresses are very interesting. What is nice about this type of shorter bridal gown is that other than the length, it is still a fairly traditional wedding dress. This makes it possible to wear for all but the most formal of church weddings.

A full party dress can be easily accessorized to make it look very much the part of a wedding gown. It looks great with a short, full veil, wrist length gloves, and classic pearl handcrafted bridal jewelry. Finish it off with a great pair of pumps, or update the vintage style with a pair of strappy sandals.

A short dress can also be great for the bride who prefers more cutting edge design. One of the funkier bridal gowns would be very sassy for a wedding in an urban loft or gallery setting. The dress will be a stand out detail that really allows you to express your own personal style. If you want to make it look more bridal than cocktail, the right accessories will be key. Balance out a minidress with a pair of opera length white kid gloves. If you want something in your hair, a small piece of net would be better than a traditional long veil.

Beach brides are definitely big fans of the shorter bridal gowns. A simple organza dress decorated with some organza flowers is a beautiful choice for a ceremony on the sand. Finish the look with a simple veil, perhaps with a ribbon edge, and bridal jewelry that is handcrafted with less formal elements, like coin pearls. Naturally, you will want a great pair of silk flip flops for your feet.

When deciding whether or not to hop aboard the trend of the short wedding gown, you will want to take a few things into account besides the location. You need to find out if a non-traditional style would be truly appalling to your mother and grandmother, and then decide how much weight to give your findings. In addition, if you wear a short wedding dress, it will definitely make a strong statement, so it is a better choice for brides who are comfortable with the attention, rather than the shy ones.

Of course you want to take the reaction of your groom into consideration. Also keep in mind that you will have to live with your wedding pictures for a long time, so make sure that you choose a wedding gown because you truly love it, not because it is trendy. Once you weigh all of those factors, you will be able to decide if a short wedding dress is right for you.