Terrific Accessories For Prom Dresses 2011 – Concepts

Here are a few suggestions for stunning accents for prom night.


Pick a handbag which either meshes with or matches the color of your prom outfit. A simple satin purse works well and enables you to put your own adornments, like a flower or some beaded stars. Additionally, make sure that your handbag is big enough to carry your lipstick, cellphone and car keys, but remains small enough to never be a drag on your night.

Vintage Jewelry

Rather than obtaining prom jewelry at your neighborhood variety store, why not consider a visit to your nearby vintage clothing outlets in search of some sort of special, one-of-a-kind pieces? Whether you prefer simple antiques like silver as well as pearls or more intricate gemstone jewelry, a vintage clothing shop will most likely have a few well-made jewelry with a lot of antique charm. In case you are wearing a simple gown and would like a unique item which will truly sticks out, why don’t you buy your jewelry at a local artist studio or gallery? This really is one way to prevent cookie cutter jewelry and obtain a few pieces that you could relish for many years in the future. Keep in mind not to be very picky with your jewelry. If you are donning a outfit with lots of detailing, you want to keep jewelry simple.


Opt for footwear that will compliment your outfit but nevertheless be comfortable to wear. You are going to have a difficult time dancing the night away in tight-fitting spike heels! Get your prom footwear well in advance so you can break them in a bit before you wear them on prom night. Keep in mind you are going to be on your feet all evening and you wouldn’t like sores the following day. In case you are putting on a simple apparel, you could actually play up your feet by selecting footwear with beaded accessories or other detailing. In case you are going to be putting on open toe footwear, be sure to get a pedicure and select an appropriate color nail polish that will flatter your outfit.

Hair Add-ons

Put on add-ons which match both your outfit and jewelry. Depending on the way you prefer to wear your tresses, these accents can consist of hair locks, feathers, jewels or extensions. For natural-looking hair plug-ins, match your natural hair color.


Finish off your outfit with a set of gloves. These add glamour to any dress. Above-the-elbow gloves are more stunning and stylish, while below-the-elbow gloves add a much more casual appeal to your prom outfit. Gloves can either complement your outfit or can be a contrasting color for a more fun appearance.