Where to Find a Cinderella Wedding Dress

Disney princesses are cultural icons that have been with many of us since childhood: Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella, The Little Mermaid, and others have inspired girls for years. So it’s natural that some women look to those princesses and their dresses as inspiration for their own “happily ever afters.” Those princess dresses can be hard to find, though- where should you look?

Bridal designer Kristie Kelly has come out with a whole line of Disney-inspired wedding, bridesmaid, and flower girl dresses (which you can find at disneybridal.com), including, of course, Cinderella. These are not strict recreations of the dresses from the movies, but rather inspired by the character herself. Ariel’s dress, for example, fits close to the body but then flares out at the bottom of the legs, reminiscent of a mermaid’s fin. Brides.com also has a selection of “princess” dresses to choose from. They all feature the fitted bodices and elegant tulle skirts we remember from our favorite ball gowns. You can choose from a whole gallery of romantic pastels, as well as the traditional white.

If you decide to order your Cinderella dress online, be careful. The big disadvantage to buying any article of clothing online-from jeans to your wedding dress to anything in between-is that you can’t try it on before you buy it. Get your measurements, and don’t fudge them-a moment of vanity now is worthless when you get your dress and find out you can’t comfortably get into it. Do some research on the designer before you make your final purchase, to see how their sizes run: mostly right, a bit big, a lot small, whatever, so you can also take that into consideration.

You can also sidestep the whole “bridal” theme and instead find a ball gown, if you want to go for the generic princess “look” instead of finding the specific Cinderella dress. If you go this route, you might have more options by avoiding bridal websites in favor of ones geared towards proms and formals, or just generic “gowns.” The same goes for searching offline: hit up the formal stores just as much as the bridal ones. There are also companies out there who rent high-end formal wear: think charity balls and the Oscars. You can wade through their selection to find something you like, even if you end up purchasing it elsewhere-many of these companies have purchasing options available. You can also try your luck in higher-end vintage shops and see if you can uncover any vintage treasures. A lot of dresses from yesteryear fit the bill to be the perfect Cinderella princess dress today.